We Mean Clean
We Mean Clean

We Mean Clean is a fast-growing Facilities management company on a mission to change how businesses clean.

Our customer focus is taking away the stress of not only the day to day cleaning of your facilities but all the essentials like windows, carpets, gutters, waste clearance and landscaping all into one manageable direct debit.

Who wants the stress of an unexpected carpet clean? The issue of blocked gutters in the winter? Not only is spreading the total costs over a direct debit great for your cash flow, but also great for peace of mind. This client focused approach has enabled us to attract business from a wide range of businesses across the south of the UK. We establish long-term relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust and our ability to consistently provide perfect results.

As a result of a continuous ‘driven to succeed’ attitude here are our Directors Philip and Robert receiving the Observer Business Excellence Award for “Start up Business of the Year!”